‘Drummer’ Nears Completion

Casting of the final, fifteen foot high, bronze sculpture of ‘Drummer’, commissioned to stand in Truro’s main square outside the Hall for Cornwall theatre, is currently underway in London. The modelling work was completed on this piece in December 2010 and, shortly after this, the foundry began the process of taking moulds from the model where it stood in a remote Cornish studio before transporting them up to London for the work to be completed.

Tim Shaw working on 'Drummer'It is hoped that the cast will contain both an ingot of Cornish tin and Cornish copper, symbolically thrown into the crucible to figuratively connect the sculpture to the land around it.

As soon as a date can be confirmed for completion of the casting (estimated late May – June 2011), an announcement will be made regarding its unveiling, including details of who will unveil the piece and the date and time of accompanying festivities.

Concurrent to this event, the Millennium Gallery will be hosting an exhibition of the drawings and machetes that formed the preliminary work to ‘Drummer’,  as well as providing another opportunity to view the installation produced between 1996 to 1999, La Corrida: Dreams in Red, a piece which constituted part of the original inspiration for ‘Drummer’.


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