‘The Drummer’ – Unveiling – 25th June 2011

At 7.30pm on Saturday 25th June 2011, Tim Shaw’s latest sculpture, entitled ‘The Drummer’, commissioned by Cornwall Council, will be unveiled on Lemon Quay in Truro.

'The Drummer' in progress by Tim ShawSir Richard Carew Pole will officially open the ceremony and Roger Taylor, drummer for the rock band Queen, who was schooled and brought up in Truro, will perform the task of unveiling the sculpture.

The ceremony begins with contingents of drummers who proceed through Truro’s streets before gathering around the sculpture to ‘drum in’ the unveiling. All the drummers in the event come from Cornish towns where the drumbeat is still an integral part of traditional festivals that celebrate the arrival of summer and winter each year.

Tim Shaw working on 'The Drummer'Tim Shaw explains that when he first set foot in Cornwall, twenty five years ago, it struck him as a place whose drum beats differently to anywhere else, and sensed immediately the primordial, magical and timeless qualities that have long been associated with the land.

Over the course of the many years that followed, Shaw looked for answers as to why those qualities were so readily apparent in Cornwall. ‘The Drummer’ is the result of this questioning. It celebrates the spirit of a land and its people, and embodies the character of “steely determination” that arises in a community making their way in remote circumstances.

‘Origins of The Drummer’ at Millennium Gallery, St. Ives, 21st May – 21st June

Prior to the unveiling of The Drummer, an exhibition entitled ‘Origins of The Drummer’ will take place at the Millennium Gallery in St Ives, from 21st May to 21st June, showcasing drawings and maquettes that contributed towards the final work.

La Corrida: Dreams in Red, by Tim ShawThe show also provides an opportunity to view one of Shaw’s earlier installations, entitled ‘La Corrida: Dreams in Red’, that integrates elements of sound and light with modeled form. It was with this work that the inspiration for a figure poised on a ball began.

‘La Corrida’ was inspired by a three month residency in Andalucía, Spain. It depicts a world that rages with an explosive, ‘knife-edge’, passion and grace. Elements of beauty, sensuality and brutality are merged together. Bulls charge across the arena, figures dance, turn and gesture as if driven by an ever-present awareness of their mortality.

Private View: Saturday 21st May 2011, 7-9pm


One response to “‘The Drummer’ – Unveiling – 25th June 2011

  1. See you at the unveiling Tim!
    Love Coral.

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