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An Evening Preview of ‘Parliament’

Jam Record Store, Falmouth, 11th May 2012, 7 – 9pm

DSCN0133 (2)

A mischievous Parliament of rooks will be running amok in the shabby chic lower room of Jam – an esoteric record shop in Falmouth – from 11th May 2012, where they will be in residence for a fortnight of mayhem.

Parliament is an installation created by the renowned sculptor Tim Shaw; it consists of twenty five rooks constructed from black polythene, straw and wire.  The installation is completed with the menacing cries of these birds merged with political debates recorded from within the House of Commons.

After two days sitting uninspired, during a residency in the west of Ireland, 2006, Shaw looked out the window at the cold and barren landscape surrounding him only to see dark flickering shapes in the corner of his eyes.  Black plastic snagged on barbed wire and the surrounding trees began to conjure shapes, playful and sinister, taking the form of windswept crows and rooks.

Shaw commentedDSCN0140: ‘Having observed the behaviour and nature of these birds, I made the comparison with those in a position of power’; he therefore felt it was appropriate that the birds’ calls should combine with discussions from within the theatre of flock mayhem – the chattering of Parliamentarians.

Curated by Olivia Gray.